What is a vinyl record?

A vinyl record is a thin flat vinyl disc which has a groove on both sides. This groove runs from the outside edge to the inside. Sound information is stored in the groove in the form of small horizontal and vertical deviations. This groove is 'read' with a needle and made audible. That way the audio comes to life!

A vinyl record is mostly black. But as you can see on the picture, other colors, such as transparent green, are also possible. However, you always get the best sound quality using black vinyl.

To ensure vinyl record is correctly placed on a record player, a hole is provided exactly in the center of the vinyl record.

The central part of the vinyl record contains the center label, on which, for example, the tracklist or other artwork is printed. The vinyl record is then stored in a custom-made cardboard outer cover for protection. The outer cover is often a work of art in itself.

All this makes a vinyl record a total experience. Touch, sight and hearing are being triggered;-)

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17 February 2020